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Business Law FAQs in Oklahoma City

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Whether you are dealing with a business dispute or are working to finally get your business off the ground, our attorneys can help. Simmons & Associates covers all areas of business law, including business formation, business succession planning, service agreements, contracts and agreements, commercial agreements, business litigation, arbitration, software licensing, optimization law and general legal counsel. Our Oklahoma City business lawyers also assist with drafting operating agreements and bylaws as well as formation documents.

We are here for the legal needs of your business regardless of the industry because the ultimate goal of every business is to provide a product or service at a price that will increase the profits of the business. We work with home builders, advertising agencies, digital creative agencies, retail businesses, restaurants, oil and gas servicing companies, and online education providers. We have represented startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, and in every case we work to protect the interest of the business and protect the viability and growth of the company. Your success is our success.

Let us help you catapult your business to the next level! Contact us today to ensure that you have skilled, committed legal counsel on your team!

What does business law cover?

The world of business is expansive, and there are laws written for every part of it. Business formation, succession planning, contracts, service agreements and rules for establishing LLCs only scratch the surface. Business law covers all of this, so when you are facing a serious legal matter or anything else regarding your business, you want an experienced lawyer who will have all the business bases covered. The seasoned business law attorneys at Simmons & Associates have the experience you need, and no matter your business-related issue, we can help you solve it.

What is an LLC?

An LLC, or limited liability company, is just one form of legal organization in which one or more persons conducts business. The LLC is owned by one or all members who either manage the business (known as a member-managed) or elect a manager to operate the business on the owners’ behalf (known as manager-managed).

What is business succession?

Much like the purpose of a will or trust, a business succession plan is what will be enacted when a person passes on or retires. It dictates exactly what will happen to that person’s business and includes taxation, new ownership, new management procedures and more. Planning for the transfer of a business must be built into the process of business management. Thus, an integrated approach in dealing with retirement and estate planning is especially needed for business owners.

There are some key differences between public and private companies when it comes to succession, such as income tax, growth, access to capital, value and private capital markets, to name a few. Our lawyers are highly experienced in both business law and estate planning, so if you’re looking at the option of succession for your company, look no further than Simmons & Associates.

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