Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce is never an easy experience for anyone, least of all for young children who cannot fathom a future where their parents are no longer together. As parents, it is your duty to help them cope with the changes this major life-altering event will bring, so they can continue to grow and thrive. It is not uncommon for the end of a marriage to feel a lot like a death in the family. Let your children know that it is okay to mourn this loss and be willing and available to have honest and open conversations about the situation.

Giving Your Children the Tools to Recover

A crucial aspect of helping your children cope with your divorce is creating consistency in their lives. You and your ex should work together to establish rules and routines for them to follow in both homes. Not only will this reduce their anxieties, but it will also help them feel safe and build some trust in you and your former spouse.

Here are some other tips that can help your children cope with your divorce:

  • Your children may not be able to always articulate their feelings, so you should try to help them put their thoughts into words by being a good listener and encouraging them to talk more about it.
  • Make sure your children understand that their feelings are valid, regardless of how difficult it may be to manage them. Legitimizing their feelings will help them feel understood, which is a big deal when it comes to grief and loss.
  • Your children will not always know what to ask for when they are having trouble coping, so do not hesitate to offer support and brainstorm ideas that may help them feel better.
  • Do not forget to take care of yourself. If you are in bad shape, your children will likely sense it, so do them a favor and partake in some very necessary self-care. The better you care for yourself, the better you can care for them.

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