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Child support is an important resource for parents to ensure that they can provide the essentials and more for their children. Because support payments should benefit a child, it’s important to ensure they are fair. Regardless of whether you expect to receive or pay child support, you need a dedicated attorney to help you fight for a fair calculation.

The OKC child support attorneys at Simmons & Associates has more than 75 years of combined experience advocating for clients. Of the many family law matters we can address for our clients, child support is one of most parents’ foremost concerns. Whether you are trying to determine an initial child support amount or modify an existing order, we can provide the legal assistance you require to ensure the calculation is fair.

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Who is Responsible for Paying Child Support in OK?

Both parents are financially responsible for their children. If one parent has custody of the child, the other is responsible for paying child support payments and this is not optional. Those who do not share custody, the non-custodial parent must fulfill their responsibility for financially providing for their child through child support. The child support payment percentage will be legally established.

Failing to Pay Child Support in Oklahoma

Once child support payments are ordered, the parent is legally required to pay it. If a parent fails to pay child support, this is considered a violation of a court order and may result in serious consequences including being held in contempt of court.

Oklahoma Child Support Calculation

When calculating child support, judges in Oklahoma take several factors into account. These factors include each parent’s monthly income, the number of children requiring financial support, and the current child custody agreement.

Additional factors that judges may consider may include the following:

  • Expenses for a child’s healthcare, especially if they have special needs
  • Daycare, school, or other education costs
  • Costs for the non-custodial parent to travel for visitation
  • Any spousal support agreement in place
  • Either parent’s receipt of public benefits, such as SSI or SSD

Protecting your rights is essential to reaching a fair child support ruling. Our child support lawyers in OKC can provide the legal support you need to ensure any calculation fairly reflects a realistic depiction of your financial position. Reach out to Simmons & Associates today to learn more.

When Does Child Support End in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, child support ends when your child turns 19 or graduates from high school, whichever happens first. Exceptions for a child aging out of the need for child support may be relevant if that child has a disability and requires financial support in their adulthood.

Other events that can trigger the termination of child support obligations include the following:

  • The child dies
  • The child legally marries
  • The child becomes emancipated
  • The child enlists in the military
  • The child is legally adopted by a new parent

What If I Can’t Pay My Child Support?

If you can’t pay your current child support obligation, you can file a petition to modify the amount. Keep in mind, though, that failure to pay child support is a misdemeanor crime, and bankruptcy can’t get rid of child support debt.

Usually, there must be a substantial reason for modifying child support. That can include a job loss or other loss of income that wasn’t the paying parent’s fault. Regardless, modifications – even under the most reasonable circumstances – aren’t guaranteed. That’s why you need an experienced child support lawyer in OKC to help you fight for a fair amount if your financial situation has significantly changed.

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If you are facing any legal matter involving child support or family law, our capable OKC child support attorneys at Simmons & Associates can help. Our legal team has more than 75 years of combined experience that we can use to help you reach a fair calculation of child support, whether you expect to receive it or pay it.

For more information about our legal services and to schedule a consultation with our child support lawyers in OKC, contact Simmons & Associates today.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Child Support in Oklahoma?

Failing to pay child support in Oklahoma is considered a violation of a court order and can lead to serious consequences, including being held in contempt of court. It's a misdemeanor crime meaning that you could face jail time and fines. Therefore, if you're struggling to meet your obligations, it's essential to seek legal advice from our team to explore options such as petitioning for a modification of the payment amount.

How Can I Modify My Child Support Order If My Financial Situation Changes in OKC?

If your financial situation has significantly changed in Oklahoma City, you can file a petition to modify your child support order. However, modifications are not guaranteed, and it's important to have an experienced child support attorney to advocate for a fair adjustment based on your current circumstances. Select our team who has decades of experience for help.

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